Friday, February 16, 2018


It's been exactly one year since my husband and I relocated to Carlsbad from rural Connecticut.  Yes a big change!  But for me as a So Cal native it's 'back home' after 27 years on the east coast.

Since living on the other coast my world was cracked open and I was blessed to fill it with many new, interesting and memorable experiences....such as raising two wonderful children, new friends, a successful real estate business and the opportunity to renovate-remodel-restore four houses with the last one being an historical farmhouse circa 1890 on four acres which included multiple raised beds,  beautiful perineal gardens, too many raspberry bushes, chickens and woodlands.   Quite different from the four bedroom condo we are currently renting in the La Costa Sea Pointe Tennis Club community.   

Many things have changed from when I last resided in California but one that hasn't is the wonderful weather and beautiful beaches.  Okay that's two things.  But that being said I can always find something beautiful within the chaos of adjusting to a major relocation.  Including my love for art in nature, hiking trails, new friends and undiscovered activities such as a sunset hot air balloon ride.

For anybody interested in discovering a view from above here are a few of the local hot air balloon companies that can offer you an unforgettable experience:

Thanks for visiting my blog and until next time......PEACE!

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